Organization of the School Board

The Board consists of five citizens of the School District, residing in five director districts, each of whom is elected for a 4-year term. Each director is elected by and represents all citizens of the School District. Members, by choice, serve without pay. A president and vice president are elected annually, and the legislative representative is elected every two years. Student Advisors to the Board serve as a communication link with the student body.

Role of the School Board

The Mount Vernon School Board is legally responsible to the state for the governance of the School District. The Board conducts the business of the District at its regular and special meetings.

Responsibilities of the School Board include:

• Advocating on behalf of students and their education
• Establishing the School District’s vision and mission
• Selecting and employing the Superintendent
• Determining the instructional program
• Approving and monitoring annual budgets
• Determining and providing for facility and equipment needs



Mount Vernon School District Board Member Tony Cook resigned his position at the January 16, 2019 school board meeting. Director Cook said that he is honored to have served on the school board.

To be considered for this vacancy, applicants must live within the boundaries of Director District 3. While each board member represents one of five geographic regions, all board members serve the entire district. The region description and map is shown below:

Director Boundary Map


Candidates for school board must be:

  • Citizen of the United States of America
  • Legal resident of Washington State
  • At least 18 years old by election day
  • Registered to vote within the Mount Vernon School District attendance area
  • Registered to vote within the director district they wish to represent

Neither a Board member nor his/her spouse or interdependent family members may be employed by the school district, except when the Board member’s spouse was employed by the district before the election or appointment to the Board.

The board will appoint one of the candidates to serve until the next regular school board election, November 5, 2019. The appointed director should be willing to run as a candidate for the expired term. Information on filing for candidacy may be found at the Skagit County Elections Office, . The Mount Vernon School Board consists of five community members, one from each geographic region of the district. Board terms are four years.

Service on the school board means fulfilling multiple functions:

Vision – the board, with participation by the community, shall envision the future of the school district’s educational program and formulate goals, define outcomes, and set the course for the district. This is done with a commitment to educational excellent and equity for all students.

Create Conditions for Student and Staff Success – to achieve the vision, the board will establish a structure that reflects local circumstances and creates an environment designed to ensure all students the opportunity to attain their maximum potential through a sound organizational framework. The board’s primary role is to employ a superintendent who is charged with the day-to-day operations of the district. The board develops and approves policies, adopts budgets, establishes expectations or staff and students, and nurtures a climate conducive to continuous improvement.

High Expectations for Student Learning - the board will continuously articulate the belief that all students can learn and that student’s learning can improve regardless of existing circumstances or resources. The board will act as leaders of a vision of shared learning that is supported by individual schools and the community.

Accountability for Student Learning – the board’s accountability to the community will ensure a system of assessment of conditions affecting education, and progress towards goals. The public will be kept informed about programs and progress. Staff and board training will be provided to ensure continuous improvement of student achievement.

Advocacy – the board shall serve as education’s key advocate on behalf of students and their schools. The board will work to advance the community’s vision for its schools, pursue the district’s goals, encourage progress, and energize systemic change.

The school board meetings at 6PM on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Typically, the first meeting is at the Mount Vernon High School in the library, and the third meeting varies between schools. Duties typically require 15-20 hours per month.

Board members are expected to represent the district at school and community events, participate in governmental relations, complete required training in the Open Public Meeting Act and Open Public Records Act, serve on committees as needed, and other various obligations on behalf of the district.