National Board Information

Are you interested in National Board Certification?  You have come to the right place to get help in getting started!

Visit the National Board website at .  At this site, you will find eligibility policies, information on becoming a candidate, standards for the certificate area you choose to pursue, and requirements for completion.
The Mount Vernon School District has a National Board Cohort to support you throughout your journey! Facilitator Nikki Klinger has many years of experience and is highly trained to maximize your success! Nikki manages monthly meetings, presents tips for success, encourages organization and adherence to the program, promotes and expedites collaboration, assists in editing and revising entries, and lends support in a multitude of additional ways.  Participation in a cohort group is known to greatly increase the probability of achieving certification. 
National Board Certification is often described as the most meaningful and authentic professional development a teacher has participated in.  It has many benefits for both teachers and students.  It is based on Five Core Propositions:
1.  Teachers are committed to students and their learning.
2.  Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students.
3.  Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.
4.  Teachers think systematically about thier practice and learn from experience.
5.  Teachers are members of learning communities.
What do Mount Vernon teachers have to say about National Board Certification?
“Becoming a Nationally Board Certified Teacher has made me a better educator and language arts teacher.  It is a unique endeavor that is best experienced in the company of friends and colleagues.  I highly recommend the process!”  Gethyn Chilcoat, MVHS
Washington State Highlights:
Washington State regularly ranks among the top five states with the most new National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs). The state's National Board Certified Teachers include Mandy Manning, 2018 National Teacher of the Year, Lyon Terry, 2015 State Teacher of the Year and Jeffrey Charbonneau, the 2013 National Teacher of the Year. The state offers comprehensive support for teachers interested in seeking National Board Certification, including conditional loans that cover the majority of the application fee, Jump Start and Home Stretch candidate support programs sponsored by the Washington Education Association (WEA); and an annual NBCT bonus, plus additional bonus for NBCTs working in high-poverty schools. 
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