100% Attendance - Every Day Counts


For your child to benefit from the social, physical, and academic learning at school, they need to attend regularly; this is as important for elementary students as it is for middle and high school students.  Regular school attendance is critical because it provides opportunities for your child to:

  • Build routines that help reduce stress
  • Make new friends and/or maintain existing friendships 
  • Engage in meaningful interactions with peers and teachers 
  • Develop empathy, cooperation, and conflict-resolution skills 
  • Engage in learning that leads to self-discovery, the development of interest, and future school and career opportunities as adults
  • Gain access to meals, health care, and fun activities 

While occasional absences are inevitable, please prioritize regular attendance. Missing more than 10% of the school year or 18 days of school can impact your child’s social development, academic learning, and path toward high school graduation. If a problem arises with health, food, transportation, housing, or anything else, please call your child’s school or the district office so we can assist.  

Mount Vernon Schools Message on Regular Attendance and Truancy / Mensaje de las Escuelas de Mount Vernon en cuanto a la asistencia regular y el ausentismo escolar. English/Spanish/Russian