Welcome to the Transportation Services Department of the Mount Vernon School District. Our top priority is the safety of our students.

Children riding school buses are under the capable supervision of qualified bus drivers. Safety is the foremost concern of the transportation department staff. Bus drivers are responsible for the safe conduct of students and are in full charge of buses. Students are responsible for their own behavior.

All students living more than one mile from their neighborhood school may ride the bus. This criteria has been established by the state of Washington, which along with the Mount Vernon School District provides the funding for school bus transportation.

Students should arrive at the bus stop five minutes before their bus is scheduled to arrive. Students are required to ride only their assigned buses.

Each year, the Mount Vernon School District, through a cooperative effort between school bus drivers and school building personnel, trains all enrolled students in how to safely evacuate a school bus in an emergency situation.

Every day, drivers see that each child is delivered safely to his or her designated bus stop. No child is allowed to get off the bus at other than his or her designated stop unless permission is given by school authorities, in the form of a bus pass, acting upon written parental request. If a child is unsure of her or his bus stop or is on the wrong bus, the child is returned to the school and parents are contacted.

Failure to follow District rules may result in suspension of transportation privileges. Information about bus routes may be obtained by contacting the Transportation Department at (360) 428-6147.


Kelly Johnson, Supervisor
2001 Cleveland Avenue
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
360-428-6168 (fax)